Kingdom Education:

Building on God's Model for Education

KSi only color 400x261KSi is an invaluable resource for networking ideas and strategies for Christian schools. The opportunity for schools to learn from the best practices of other successful Christian schools is essential. KSi addresses the 4 Steps of maintaining a desired culture within a school: 1) Presenting, 2) Promoting, 3) Practicing, and 4) Preserving. Each element must be developed deliberately, implemented intentionally and then fortified fearlessly to maintain the desired culture of the institution. Cultural drift is real, strong and unyielding to those it catches straying too far from their foundations.

To accomplish these institutional goals, KSi hosts three outstanding conferences each year bringing together those who have lessons to share and those who are willing to listen and learn for the same common goal of developing and maintaining the best Christian schools. These three conferences are the Kingdom School Institute (KSi) conference, the Student Leadership Institute (SLi) conference and the Apologetics Education Initiative (AEi) conference.


Philosophy & Programs


Kingdom Education Philosophy

Based on the book Kingdom Education by Dr. Glen Schultz, the Kingdom Education Philosophy equips Christian school leaders with a biblical philosophy of education to implement in their schools.

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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Institute exists to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a biblically -based, multifaceted, year-long program.

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Apologetics Education Initiative

The ability to defend Christian beliefs against critics using theology and philosophy is the sign of a mature Christian. Teaching these skills in schools helps set our students up for success in the future.

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