Becoming a Kingdom Educator in the classroom

This is a complete module, based on 5 core values, that takes a unique look at what defines a Kingdom Educator by asking attendees to:

  • Define the word “Kingdom” in their personal life.
  • Commit to professional goals that match their calling.
  • Identify what it means to master the ART of [Kingdom] teaching.
  • Teach through relationships with students.
  • Honor the role of the parent based on Deuteronomy 6:5-9.

We’d love to have you join us as we share the 20 distinctives of a Kingdom teacher.  Our goal is to not only encourage you to identify professional objectives to be refined and polished as you fulfill your calling, but to inspire you in such a way that you cannot wait for the first day of school.   Our prayer is that you view your position (administration or faculty) not as a job, but as a divine adventure with eternal rewards.   Oh – and we’ll share a lot of laughs along the way…count on it!


Deni Corbett
Deni Corbett
Deni Corbett has a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Asbury University, an ESD in Reading and Language Instruction from Oakland University, as well as a MA in Instructional Technologies and Media. Currently Deni serves as Senior Director & Consultant for Engaging the Culture Ministries as well as Program Director for Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools. Following her passion, that all children must be encouraged to create and communicate effective messages in three main areas: print, verbal, & visual; Deni is also the founder of the communications podcast series Chasing Fireflies and