This module will look at why discipline is so different in Kingdom Education. This class will look at the philosophy of discipline, at nine guiding ideas for discipline and practical ways to implement a discipline based on grace and restoration as well as grade level breakout sessions.

  • Remember our call to education
  • Recognize that God calls all of us to a life of accountability
  • Respect the authority of parents while building a relationship to assist them
  • Relationships matter in discipline
  • Represent Christ in the home and school is a 24/7 expectation
  • Remind students of expectations
  • Repentance and remorse are desired but not required
  • Restoration is the goal
  • Renewing the mind


Phil Armstrong
Phil Armstrong
Phil graduated from Baptist Bible College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Theology. He received a Master’s in Science Education from the University of Texas at Dallas and received Principal certification from Texas A&M-Commerce. Phil currently serves at Prestonwood Christian Academy as Middle School Assistant Principal.
Wendy Morris
Wendy Morris
Wendy graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and English. She received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. Wendy currently serves at Prestonwood Christian Academy as Upper School Principal.
Paige DeLeon
Paige DeLeon
Paige is a graduate of Baptist University with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Her Master's Degree, in Educational Administration, was earned at Barry University in Miami, Florida. While in Miami, she was a teacher and administrator for twelve years. Paige has served at Prestonwood Christian Academy for the last twenty-one years. Three of those years were spent teaching third graders, and she has enjoyed her last eighteen years as a Lower School Principal.