• How to wear multiple “hats” effectively
  • Strategies for ensuring a strong future
  • Strategic benefits of the small school environment

Leading the Small School-This session will be helpful for all school leaders of schools with enrollment of 500 or lower.

Leading a small school can be a challenging but also very rewarding experience. In this session we will examine the benefits and challenges of the small-school setting. We will also examine the many roles that the leader of the small school must be equipped to fulfil. Topics to be covered include finances, leadership structures, development, admissions and vision casting. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in challenging discussions, share best practices and gain practical insight on how to be an effective leader in a small school environment.



Jared Clark
Jared Clark
Jared Clark serves as the Head of School at Westminster Christian Academy in Watkinsville, GA. He is a product of Christian education and is passionate about equipping future generations of students to impact our culture for Christ. He has served as a teacher, athletic director, dean of students and principal during his 13 years of experience in Christian schools in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.