Three Dimensional Teaching- Cultural Divesity

Three-Dimensional Teaching

Historically, education and education reform have focused on 2 dimensions—head and hands. The head dimension pertains to the teaching content and teacher credentials and is the informational aspect of teaching. The hands dimension pertain to the teaching conduct and pedagogy and is the instructional aspect of teaching. Effective teaching, however, involves a third critical dimension—the heart which is the interpersonal aspect of teaching. God’s people start with heart because His Spirit pours His love into the hearts of His educators representing the most transformative force in existence. With the head and hands dimensions children can be informed and instructed, but it is only with the heart dimension that children will be inspired and impacted. This session will equip the Christian educator with:

  • Knowing the role that the heart plays in effective education
  • Practices that cultivate matters of the heart in teaching
  • A greater awareness of the potential impact a three-dimensional educator can have on the educational plight of all children and especially children who are academically disenfranchised, culturally diverse, and economically disadvantaged.


Dr. Vernard Gant
Dr. Vernard GantDirector
Dr. Vernard Gant is the director of the A.C.E. Student Success Center with the Association of Christian Schools International. Dr. Gant’s department oversees more than 650 Christian schools throughout the nation that target and serve academically disenfranchised, culturally diverse, and/or economically disadvantaged children (A.C.E. students). Dr. Gant is a graduate of Columbia International University, Birmingham Theological Seminary, and Trinity University. Dr. Gant has been the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Jeffersonian Award by the Jeffersonian Award Foundation in Washington, DC. And the Paul Harris Fellow Award presented by the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. He helped develop two Christian schools in Birmingham, AL serving A.C.E. students and has assisted in the start-up of several similar schools across the nation. Dr. Gant has served on several boards including the Life Skills Alternative School, the National Association of Street Schools, the Black Alliance for Educational Options, the American Center for School Choice, and chaired the Colorado State Advisory Committee for the US Commission on Civil Rights. Dr. Gant has been involved in urban ministry for nearly forty years and in the parental choice movement for over 20 years. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO. with his wife, Cynthia.