How to successfully lead Millennial teachers, Millennial parents, and Gen-Z students

Topics Include:

  • Why Millennial Parents are challenging and how you can help them lead their child
  • What Biblical Worldview training needs to look like for Generation Z
  • Understanding the Brain, Neuroplasticity, and technology’s effects on the way Generation Z absorbs knowledge

Audience: All Administrators, Teachers 

I once heard a pastor say, “Generation Z, Millennials…whatever, they all have the same problem, selfishness.” The future of our students is too important to default to over simplifications like this. Every administrator and teacher must understand the factors influencing the thinking of Generation Z. “Leading with Understanding” will equip leaders to deal with the seven major deficits of the Z generation. It will also include practical helps for leading their millennial parents.. You will experience a unique style of weaving cutting edge research, fun and engaging stories, and practical applications. Can’t wait to see you there! -Ben Schettler


Ben Schettler
Ben Schettler
Ben is a speaker, researcher, consultant, entrepreneur, cultural missionary and passionate follower of Christ. As a speaker he has delivered over 700 keynote addresses on four continents and 37 of the 50 states. As a consultant he has advised leadership teams and most recently served as the Faith Outreach Adviser to Dr. Ben Carson and his campaign for presidency. Ben has also written for a nationally syndicated radio show, The Legal Alert, and served as producer and co-host of the Creation Today television show syndicated on the Christian Television Network. Ben oversees the day to day operations of Ask or Think including the Pure. Truth. Movement.