Solving The People Puzzle: 21st Century Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is one of the great challenges today between staff, staff and parents, staff and students, and people in general. Studies show that to achieve success you must communicate effectively, build relationships, influence others, make friends, and build trust. Solving the People Puzzle will help us understand the biblical principles of how to better lead, encourage, and relate to others. People are not all alike. People respond to facts and circumstances differently. Even within our staff, we have learned that we often have very different perspectives. Solving the People Puzzle, based on Biblical principles, will help us understand how those around us are motivated, how they make decisions, and what they value most. With these insights, we can celebrate our differences. Hopefully, you will become a better friend, spouse, parent, neighbor, and employee; you fill in the blank. You will learn how God has placed people in your life to bring balance, perspective, and protection. With this understanding, you’ll gain an appreciation for all those other parts of the body of Christ that aren’t just like you. You may even discover that people aren’t so puzzling after all.


This session will include a D-I-S-C Style Profile taken by each participant for the purpose of understanding themselves. We all have strengths, weaknesses, and a personal style. Upon discovering their primary and secondary styles (D-I-S-C), we will discover our unique strengths and weaknesses we bring to every relationship (Psa. 139:13-14, 2 Cor. 12:9-10). The goal is to better understand why we act the way we do. This snapshot of yourself may be very revealing.


This session is to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our personal style as well as the style of others (1 Cor. 12:18-19, Rom. 12:3-5, 1 Cor. 12:20-21, Eph. 4:29, Rom. 15:2). We will learn to understand and value the four styles of the D-I-S-C Model in seven ways: Best Motivation, Best Situation, Accepts/Rejects, Major Strengths, Major Weaknesses, Behavior Under Tension, and Would Benefit From. For application, we will examine four Bible characters (Paul, Peter, Abraham, and Moses) as to their personal style. The goal is to better understand what we can do about the way we act.


This session is to learn how to adapt your personal style to meet the needs of others (Phil. 2:3-4, 5-11, 13, 19-21). We will examine the five steps for developing our versatility. We will define versatility as being willing and able to adapt our personal style to meet the needs of others. Through this training, we will learn how to identify the personal style of others by observation; focus on their relational needs; develop a positive attitude about their style; identify ways our style might cause tension for them; and take versatility steps to meet their needs. Again, we will use Paul, Peter, Abraham and Moses, to examine our personal style and understand what we must do to improve our versatility. The goal is to better understand how we can better serve others.


Dr. S. L. Sherrill
Dr. S. L. Sherrill
Dr. S. L. Sherrill founded North Raleigh Christian Academy in 1996 and served as its only Superintendent for the past 22 years. In August, 2018, Dr. Sherrill stepped down as Superintendent and was honored as Superintendent Emeritus. Under Dr. Sherrill’s leadership, NRCA has grown and maintained a student body of 1400+ students, PreK-12th grade, for the past 12 years. Today, the 63-acre school campus houses a 290,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility with the latest in wireless technology being an iPad 1:1 campus. The facilities include 74 academic classrooms, 3 science labs, 5 computer labs, greenhouse, 500-seat fine arts center, art studios, drama/dance studio, student life center, cafeteria, media center with 30,000 volumes, three gymnasiums, football stadium, soccer stadium, indoor aquatic center, baseball and softball fields, practice fields, two fitness centers, and an athletic field house. The facilities are valued at 48 million dollars. The school completed an $8,000,000 expansion eight years ago that allows the accommodation of 1500 students. The school is a debt-free ministry.

Dr. Sherrill has two earned doctorate degrees and was honored in 2007 by his alma mater, Tennessee Temple University with an honorary Doctor of Divinity for thirty-five years of educational service. Dr. Sherrill began his studies at Louisburg College (AA,71), then went on to the Texas College of Theology (ThB,72), Tennessee Temple University (BA,76), Faith Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM,79, ThD,81), and Faith Seminary (MCE, 85, DCE, 88). In addition, he has 18 hours on the Master’s level in counseling from Liberty University and 15 hours in school administration from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Sherrill has served for forty-nine years in Christian education. He began as a Youth and Bus Pastor at Neuse Baptist Church in 1971. He served as a Youth Pastor and Christian school teacher in Pasadena, Texas at Greenwood Baptist Church and School. He was Youth Pastor, Camp Director, and High School Principal at Second Baptist Church and Twin City Christian Academy, Festus, Missouri, beginning in 1976. He became Couples for Christ Pastor at the mega church, Lima Baptist Temple, Lima, Ohio, in 1977, growing the young couple’s class from 40 to 150 and taught Bible at Temple Christian School. He became Senior Pastor at Central Fellowship Baptist Church and President of Central Fellowship Christian School, Macon, GA., in 1981, growing the church to 500 and the school to 700 over 9 years. Realizing his first love was working with young people, he become Head of School at Tampa’s Temple Heights Christian School in 1990 with a student body of 900. He returned to Raleigh in 1992 to be Administrator of Friendship Christian School where the school grew from 400-800 students in four years. In 1996, God led him to start North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh, NC. As Founder and Superintendent, the school grew to near full enrollment with 1400+ students in 12 years and has remained over 1400 for the past 12 years. He retired August of 2018 and was honored to become NRCA’s Superintendent Emeritus. He is currently serving as ACSI Field Director for North Carolina, and as an Executive Senior Consultant for Renewanation and the National Alliance of Christian Schools (formerly the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools).

Dr. Sherrill is a strong advocate of Kingdom education that links the family, school, and church. He served as the District 3 Representative for the Southeast Region of ACSI (Eastern North Carolina) for 20 years overseeing more than 50 schools. He serves as Board President for Joshua Expeditions and the National Alliance of Christian Schools (formerly the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools). He also consults with schools in governance, accreditation, strategic planning, marketing, and the development of staff and curriculum.

The past fourteen years, he has conducted Christian School 101 seminars to challenge and train Christian educators in Kingdom education and how to start schools based on Kingdom education principles. Over 40 schools have been started as a result of this endeavor.

Dr. Sherrill married Debbie Bierer, the love of his life, in 1974, who also is an alumnus of Tennessee Temple University, Class of 1974. They are blessed with two daughters, Joy and Jennifer. Currently, they have four grandchildren. Emma Elaine and Ava Marie are the children of Kevin and Joy Mathes. David Arthur and Harper Joy are the children of Aaron and Jennifer Allsbrook.